In addition to the Winter Olympics, 2018 will be the year which will take people back in time as a lot of countries will be declaring lethal hours of celebration amidst the regal festivities of independence. This year, look out for traditional pop hits, baroque and ancient cuisine – a lot of cuisine.


  • Chile:

Apart from offering its natives and tourists with impenetrable winds and isolated landscapes and trekking sites, Chile is becoming one of the most sought after countries to visit in 2018, probably because of its celebration of art and culture. In 2018, Chile’s capital, Santiago will focus on the country’s Independence Day in the form of a series of celebratory events or as the Chileans call it – the Fiestas Patrias in mid-September.


  • South Korea:

2018 will soon be South Korea’s ultimate year as the news of it hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang becomes viral enough for the masses to book their flights to the Asian vicinity this year. Apart from hosting the Winter Olympics, South Korea had also opened a fanatic park, Seoul-lo 7017 in 2017 which received worldwide acclamation and would be the get-away spot for tourists this year.


  • Portugal:

The country’s latest new culinary drive has allowed tourists to communicate in Espanol fluently and with pride. Portugal has crept towards the five-star rating in tourism by providing its natives and tourists countless ventures to expedite upon. With state-of-the-art museums embarking on culture, festivity and tradition, and cuisine fit for the Greek gods, there is no wonder that Portugal will be the country to attract a hefty number of tourists in 2018.


  • New Zealand:

New Zealand is the earth’s natural adventure land or a memorial trekking enterprise where there are countless destinations to satisfy an ardent trekker’s expeditions. Ever since New Zealand launched its nine-track confluent network, tourism has increased and for the better as well. With a great number of walks and exciting new trails, New Zealand will soon become the hot spot for wilderness that you’ve been striving for.


  • Malta:

Malta might be tiny, peaceful and resourceful, but it is ready to feature an earth-shattering crescendo in 2018 as the face of the European Capital of Culture this year. Malta is talking about international film festivals with music, art and culture infested within. Its exotic beaches and the diverse culture that it has to offer makes it one of the most appreciated countries in the world. Malta tourism is peaking at the moment as more and more people realize the serene beauty this country has to offer.
Music festivals will get their daily cahoots from jazz and pop, and Malta’s culture will break down in the form of parades, art biennial shows and baroque. Apart from this frenzy, Malta is always high on sunshine and breeze, and people here have been respectful and vouched for their hospitality.

All of these countries are some of the most appreciated destinations in the world. If you are getting out to tour the world or are on the lookout for an exotic holiday destination, these countries are worth the visit. Spend some time to enjoy the immense beauty and rich culture of each destination. We are sure that you will love it.